Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

I can't register

Please, check if the entered data is correct and you have clicked all "I agree" buttons. The verification letter was already sent to your email.

I didn't receive the verification letter after registration

Check the Spam folder in your mail. If NO, then try to register again and check if you enter your email adress right ( maybe the device is 
autocorrecting it). If you didn't receive a letter after the second attempt 
then write a request on support@citystore.world.

Where can I edit my account information ?

In your personal account, in the «Profile» section.

I have problems with logging in my personal account

Check the entered data. If you have forgotten your password, click «Forgot your 
password» and update. If after these actions you still didn't enter your personal account, 
write to support@citystore.world with the indication: ID, Name/Surname, Phone, 
indicate the Subject of the letter: Problems with entering your personal account.


I didn't find the store I wantes on the website

You can look for the shop you need using the search window. Not found? Please contact us and give feedback 
at support@citystore.world.

Can I return the gift card and / or certificate?

You can do it within 14 days after purchase in personal accoun through the 'Return of the goods" section.
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